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Guide To Partition Recovery

Most, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will help you to recover partition except physical damage, or failure of the hard disk or other storage medium.

Most, scandisk will destroy more than they retrieve. Please stop scandisk from starting at logon:

Opening msconfig and then clicking advanced there was the option to disable scandisk after a bad shutdown.

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artition was recognized by system depend on partition table and boot sector of partition. If partition table or boot sector of partition was destroyed by virus or deleted accidently, you will not see partition you need. But the partition was not really lost.

Of course, Partition Table Doctor will automatically check & repair partition table or boot sector of partition error to recover partitions.

MBR And Partition Table Error:


  • When we try to boot after hardware testing procedures, we see just blank screen without any messages
  • Not found any [active partition] in HDD
  • Invalid partition table
  • 'Invalid Drive Specification' messages
  • Partition deleted by FDISK or PQMAGIC

Most of partition table error will automatically be repaired by Partition Table Doctor, also you could use "Rebuild Partition Table" .

Boot Sector of Partition Error:


  • Missing Operating System
  • Invalid media type reading drive

Abort, Retry, Fail?

  • File system is displayed as 'RAW'
  • Windows may ask if you want to format the drive
  • File names contain 'weird' characters
  • 'Sector not found' messages

If boot sector of one Fat16/Fat32/Ntfs partition was corrupt, it will be marked with 'X' by Partition Table Doctor.

Fixboot is very good at repairing boot sector of partition.

Reboot computer and you will find everything is back as if nothing had happened

At last, go into Windows Explorer and copy your data from the repaired drive to the working drive.

Occasionally, if you could not get data back by Data Recovery Wizard, our lab will provide you with the service within 24 hours.

Download Windows Data Recovery software Download Mac Data Recovery Software

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